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Several coatiings are available to improve the baked product appearance, and help release the product from its pan. We provide here a short explanation on each one of them. In all cases, if the use of the specific coating is a new experience, we recommend a full field test before commiting to any technology; the performance of the coating may vary with the sugar content of the loaf, water percentage, and other factors. We can always recommend the most appropriate coating in each case.
All our coatings conform with European, US, and international regulations for food grade material

* Most popular coating among US bakers.
* Helps keep pans clean
* Helps release the baked product, eliminating or reducing pan greasing.
* Consists of a layer of grey silicon resin that is applied to the surface of the pan, and then cured under special temperature conditions;
* The glaze consists of a hard, one-layer coating approximately 20 um thick that is a slightly shiny, very smooth surface

* This coating can be combined with an earlier preparation of the base surface to turn the base metal (usually aluminized steel) into a darker color, to mprove the heat properties of the pan. The darker color is mostly used in proof and bake systems.
* The glazing life cycle consists usually of 300-600 cycles, after which the pan can be reglazed.
* The glaze life can be up to 1500 bakes on special circunstances and preparation of the pan;
* Usually not suitable for frozen dough
* This coating can be used when the product to be baked contains a large percentage of sugar. The other types of coating also have alternatives for sweet
Sylicone rubber

* French style rubber coating - usually redish orange color
* High Quality multi-layer coating (75 - 100um thick) applied onto a carefully cleaned and prepared substrate
* Very well suited for Hamburguer, Baguette and Hot-dog type pans, where the cavities or moulds do not have tall vertical walls that would increase depanning friction.
* The durability varies with the product, but it is typically at least three to five times that of glazing; it is typical to have between 1200 and 2000 oven cycles in low friction pans.
* Can be used in temperatures up to 350 C (650 F)
* Can be used very efficiently for freezing

PTFE coating

* Very popular hard coat, used by wholesale bakers to completely eliminate the need for greasing, and improve bakery hygiene and production speed;
* Provides a very long life span, adapted to friction prone pans;
* Exclusive use of coatings, with worldwide warranty available;
* The typical number of release cycles with this coating is around 3000-5000 with low sidewalls, and 2000 cycles for bread and pullman pans;
* Coating is applied with the latest technology, by a licensed partner